Salt Therapy Oasis

What Is Salt Therapy?

Active salt therapy is a natural approach to addressing many respiratory ailments and skin conditions, such as,asthma, sinusitis, eczema and psoriasis. A special piece of equipment known as a Halogenerator grinds and crushes pure sodium chloride into micro-sized particles which is dispersed into the air. The room will then be filled with a fine mist of salt to begin your journey of complete wellness and relaxation.

Why Salt Therapy

3 Primary Characteristics of Salt:
Super Absorbent


Reduces bronchial inflammation
Decreases airborne pollen particles from airways
Strengthens immune system to help decrease allergic reaction to pollens
Cleans and sanitizes the airways
Prevents and treats the common cold and flu
Improves skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis and psoriasis
Reduces snoring
Promotes healthier sleep

What can I expect?

Our Salt Therapy Oasis is a quiet zone, a tranquil space for you to enjoy and breathe in the salt infused air. Up to 4 co-ed guests may be accommodated in one session. Each Session is 25 minutes in length. A robe and slippers will be provided for your session. Sessions start on the hour or half hour to allow for maximum benefits. *Salt Room Oasis sessions may be scheduled by calling the Spa & Salon in advance.